#8 - Bad Sex And Good Sex (Part 1)

We talk about Sex! Parental advisory (mostly Lindsay's parents). Inspired by recent news stories and the #metoo movement, we explore some of what makes the difference between good and bad sexual encounters. In this one we’re mostly looking at how the man affects this.


Episode #1 - The Grid

The original Aziz Ansari article

NLP Marin (the best place to learn NLP!)

#6 - Mental Hygiene

Robbie and Lindsay talk about the scourge of modern life: Social Media! And more generally, how we can  be more mindful about the information that comes in to us and the information that goes out from us.


CGP Grey - This video will make you angry.

A short and brilliant description of one of the big problems with social media.

Tristan Harris on Sam Harris.
Tristan talks to Sam about the dangers of social media. We didn’t mention this one in the show because I hadn’t listened to it until after we recorded, but it is well worth listening to. Also, fun fact: Lindsay and I were classmates with Tristan at NLP Marin for awhile.


#5 - The God Time

Lindsay talks about her favorite daily practice and the "most beautiful part of [her] life" - God Time. Robbie drops some spiritual knowledge and asks questions which Lindsay sort of answers. A short and sweet episode.

A great place to start with Ken Wilber (the philosopher who talks about 1st, 2nd and 3rd person Spirit): 
One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality. 
You can order the book here: amzn.to/2qQdNxI

Since recording, Lindsay has realized she has more to say on the "how to" part of God Time. So, if you listen and you're like "I want more!" email Lindsay and she will invite you to a free special class for subscribers/listeners. 
You can contact her here: www.howtobeanokperson.com/contact/

#4 - The Simulations

Lindsay asks a question and oh boy does she get an answer. An in depth refutation of Elon Musk's claim that we are most likely all living in a Simulation.

A description of Musk’s claim:

An overview of the Computational Theory of Mind:

Nick Bostrom’s original paper:

RIck and Morty, the greatest show on TV right now:

Robbie’s two favorite Greg Egan books (exploring these ideas in fiction)


Permutation city:

CGP Grey on the Transporter problem:

An overview of the chinese room argument:


#3 - The Hormones

Lindsay and Robbie discuss all the things Lindsay has been doing to improve her pre-menstrual symptoms. Hang on to your hats!

This is a description of the Life Activation session Lindsay talks about. We haven’t actually done anything with the Modern Mystery School, so this is not an endorsement, just some information. (not NOT an endorsement either. They’re probably great!)

Turns out the pelvic floor muscles are now also called the Kegel muscles.


Learn more about jade eggs and buy your own here!


CGP Grey, a very informative and entertaining man.


Hawthorne effect


The Hormonology Horoscope app:


#2 - The Bells

Robbie and Lindsay talk about THE BELLS, the workout routine that has made a huge difference in both their lives. They also follow up on questions about The Grid from the last episode, and more fun stuff besides.

The whole show is great, and if you want to skip straight to the part about THE BELLS, it begins at 34:50. Enjoy!

Below are links mentioned in the show.

The egregious Keystone Habits article


Here’s a video of kids being tortured with marshmallows:


The video is a Ted Talk about the experiment. But the link takes you straight to the kids. If you want to watch the whole thing, just skipped to the start.

Kettlebell Simple & Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Another of Lindsay’s projects:

Sex, God and Beverages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y129T_F73ig

#1 - The Grid

In their first full length episode, Lindsay and Robbie talk about “The Grid” - what it is, why it’s so effective, and why it’s WAY better than making New Year’s Resolutions. They show us their own grids and give some helpful tips on how to make your own.

For more info on Duncan Riach

We would love to see your grid! Post on twitter with hashtag #CheckOutMyGrid

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